Our Story

   We are a family owned and operated food concession business.  We have been in business since 1978 and since then we have had a lot of changes and growths.  Most of all we have gained several additions to the family.  Through these 40 some years with lots of hard work and lots of family help our business has grown into what it is today.  

   John and Connie have always been involved in the food business. In the year of 1978, they had a gyro shop and their local church asked them to be a part of their greek food festival to sell gyros. This gave John an idea to try to take the concept of the gyro sandwich and introduce it to a larger public.  For the first few years John was out on the road by himself, while Connie was at home with their two children Sophia and Dino.  He started out at a few local festivals and flea markets.  John began with one small wooden knock down stand where he would be offering samples and hollering for people to stop and try a piece of meat and after that they were hooked. 


       Now we have over 8 concession trailers and several tents and travel from May until November.  John has always been proud of the fact that this is a family run business, he loves having his wife and kids and his grandchildren out on the road with him.  When you come to the fair you will usually catch John in the gyro trailer making his famous sandwich (or out walking on the midway), Connie is always inside her pizza trailer making her fresh dough and sauce, his son Dino is working hard in one of the gyro trailers along with his wife Trisha and their family, and their daughter Sophia is usually in her funnel cake trailer shaking some delicious lemonade with her husband Chris and their children. 

                  Thanks again to our family, friends and loyal customers
       See you at the fair!!

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